Validation Rules Essay

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Validation Rule | Validation Text |
1. <>0 | Enter a nonzero value. |
2. >=0 | Value must be zero or greater. |
3. 0 or >100 | Value must be either 0 or greater than 100. |
4. <#01/01/2007# | Enter a date before 2007. |
5. >=#01/01/2007# AND <#01/01/2008# | Date must occur in 2007. |
6. <Date() | Birth date cannot ...view middle of the document...


Operator | Function | Example |
1. NOT | Tests for converse values. Use before any comparison operator except IS NOT NULL. | NOT > 10 (the same as <=10). |
2. IN | Tests for values equal to existing members in a list. Comparison value must be a comma-separated list enclosed in parentheses. | IN (" Tokyo","Paris","Moscow ") |
3. BETWEEN | Tests for a range of values. You must use two comparison values — low and high — and you must separate those values with the AND separator. | BETWEEN 100 AND 1000 (the same as >=100 AND <=1000) |
4. LIKE | Matches pattern | LIKE “[0-9][0-9” |
5. AND | Specifies that all parts of the validation rule must be true. | >= #01/01/2007# AND <=#03/06/2008#Note You can also use AND to combine validation rules. For example: NOT "UK" AND LIKE "U*". |
6. OR | Specifies that some but not all parts of the validation rule must be true. | January OR February |

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