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Value Communication Of Aui Essay

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OB 202 E Midterm task Hamza SADIKI
IBPM2 Group A
The value communication at Akhawayn University of Ifrane.

“Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane is an independent, public, not-for-profit, coeducational, Moroccan university committed to educating future citizen-leaders of Morocco and the world through a globally oriented, English-language, liberal arts curriculum based on the American system. The university enhances Morocco and engages the world through leading-edge educational and research programs, including continuing and executive education, upholds the highest academic and ethical standards, and promotes equity and social responsibility.”

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The University is an organization, which assets consist mainly of people who work together in the training of others. Commitments arise from any human relationships, whether individual or collective, which must also be respected. Those values aren’t clearly communicated; it’s just something that has to be accepted. A certain way used by the university to express this is through the university chart that has to be read and approved by all. |
2 | Recognizing diversitylt is also a form of respect. Diversity can concern the respect of the different group of people, nationality, religions, but also the diversity in terms of the acceptation of the characteristic defining the different department, faculty and services. The respect of local conditions, for example the ban of alcohol on campus, the respect of others cultures with events like the “Japanese day”, and the presence of foreign students, teachers and staff members, or the decentralization of the decision-making are as many ways to realize this value. |
3 | Evaluates everyone contributions If it is highly claimed that Akhawayn University places the student at the Centre of its concerns, it must rely on the willingness and commitment of all members of staff. In short, the University is a true living environment where each person fills a necessary function to the achievement of the mission of the University.Each individual is considered as a partner and is responsible for the results achieved by the University. This means that everyone is aware of its role, responsibilities and the consequences of his action. The university aims to develop the sense of belonging by involving everybody in the decisions. The students can choose their representatives, so the students have a power in negotiations, they can propose innovation to the board, they have a way to express the negatives points, and the administration value this interaction between the two sides, so that everybody feel active and have a role in the general organization. The Students have also access to the Job affairs. It’s an annual workshop where students can get in touch with companies for 2 days. They can apply for job or internship, get interview of the professional, ask for orientation choice etc. |
4 | Ethics In its relationship with its stakeholders as well as in the treatment of communication, the University must promote the highest standards of ethics and demonstrate a concern for justice and fairness. |
5 | Authenticity, cohesion and transparency The communication must be based first...

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