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Value Stream Mapping In Industry Essay

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Value Stream Mapping


Value Stream Mapping Definition
• Value Stream Mapping (VSM):
– Special type of flow chart that uses symbols known as "the language of Lean" to depict and improve the flow of inventory and information.


Value Stream Mapping Purpose
• Provide optimum value to the customer through a complete value creation process with minimum waste in:
– Design (concept to customer) – Build (order to delivery) – Sustain (in-use through life cycle to service)


Why ?
• Many organizations pursuing “lean” conversions have realized that improvement events alone are not enough • Improvement events create localized improvements, value stream mapping & analysis ...view middle of the document...

, internal customer needs are the items Analysis begins with part of a total value stream, That part of the value stream has customers too

Value Stream Mapping Process Symbols
Customer/Supplier Icon: represents the Supplier when in the upper left, customer when in the upper right, the usual end point for material Dedicated Process flow Icon: a process, operation, machine or department, through which material flows. It represents one department with a continuous, internal fixed flow. Shared Process Icon: a process, operation, department or workcenter that other value stream families share.

Data Box Icon: it goes under other icons that have significant information/data required for analyzing and observing the system.

Workcell Icon: indicates that multiple processes are integrated in a manufacturing workcell.


Value Stream Mapping Material Symbols
Inventory Icons: show inventory between two processes Shipments Icon: represents movement of raw materials from suppliers to the Receiving dock/s of the factory. Or, the movement of finished goods from the Shipping dock/s of the factory to the customers Push Arrow Icon: represents the “pushing” of material from one process to the next process.

Supermarket Icon: an inventory “supermarket” (kanban stockpoint).

Material Pull Icon: supermarkets connect to downstream processes with this "Pull" icon that indicates physical removal.


Value Stream Mapping Material Symbols (Cont.)
FIFO Lane Icon: First-In-First-Out inventory. Use this icon when processes are connected with a FIFO system that limits input.

Safety Stock Icon: represents an inventory “hedge” (or safety stock) against problems such as downtime, to protect the system against sudden fluctuations in customer orders or system failures. External Shipment Icon: shipments from suppliers or to customers using external transport


Value Stream Mapping Information Symbols
Production Control Icon: This box represents a central production scheduling or control department, person or operation. Manual Info Icon : A straight, thin arrow shows general flow of information from memos, reports, or conversation. Frequency and other notes may be relevant. Electronic Info Icon : This wiggle arrow represents electronic flow such as electronic data interchange (EDI), the Internet, Intranets, LANs (local area network), WANs (wide area network). You may indicate the frequency of information/data interchange, the type of media used ex. fax, phone, etc. and the type of data exchanged. Production Kanban Icon : This icon triggers production of a predefined number of parts. It signals a supplying process to provide parts to a downstream process. Withdrawal Kanban Icon : This icon represents a card or device that instructs a material handler to transfer parts from a supermarket to the receiving process. The material handler (or operator) goes to the supermarket and withdraws the necessary items.


Value Stream Mapping...

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