Victoria Chemicals The Merseyside Project Solutions

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Walmart around the World

1. Evaluate Walmart’s globalization strategy over the last two decades. Where did the retailer struggle? Where did it do well? Can location characteristics explain the differences in Walmart performance

2. Walmart entered in some countries through acquisitions and in some countries through greenfield investment. What entry mode do you think was best? Did location characteristics drive the mode of entry? Why?

3. In 2013, Walmart decided to enter the Indian market in a joint-venture with Bharti Enterprises. Based on your analysis of Walmart’s global expansion up to that point, do you think it was a good idea to go to India? To select joint-venture as the ...view middle of the document...

Was Galicia/Spain fertile for the emergence of an apparel retailing powerhouse?

7. How well does ZARA’s advantage travel globally?

8. What do you think of ZARA’s international strategy? Evaluate, in particular, its strategy for (product) market selection, its mode of entry, and its standardization of its marketing approach?

9. What is the best way to grow the ZARA chain? How, specifically, do you see prospects in the Italian market? And more broadly, what do you think about the strategy of focusing on Europe versus making a major commitment to a second region?

10. What other strategic recommendations would you make to Inditex CEO Jose Maria Castello?
Zara Roundtable Discussion

|00:00:03.0 >> |PANKAJ GHEMAWAT: What are the core features of the ZARA business model and when were they |
| |established? |
| |JOSÉ MARÍA CASTELLANO: The original idea of combining distribution with manufacturing began with the |
| |founder. |
| |This model, which was intuitively seen to have some advantages, was perfected by introducing |
| |technology and especially human resources. |
| |It's not the same to have ten stores as 1,300 stores or one country vs. 40 countries. |
| |But the model has been the same since the beginning. |
| |It improved over time, through the incorporation of technology and the fact that the company is |
| |larger and more complex than it had been. |

|00:00:43.0 >> |JUAN CARLOS R. CEBRIÁN: I would add only one key word, which is: innovation. |
| |This company is in a state of constant innovation. What Jose María said is true, and the last thing |
| |is: when they [the competition] get to where we are, we will have invented something new. |
| |What we cannot do is stop. This is the key [to this company], to not stop, to be constantly |
| |introducing new things. |
| |DIEGO COPADO: If we draw a diagram of our marketing mix from the standpoint of public relations, we |
| |have the best creative agency in the world, which is our real estate department. |
| |They choose windows...

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