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Violent Cultures Essay

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Violent Culture: The Media, the Internet, and Placing Blame

Who’s to blame? Throughout the article, author, Darren Beals, presented evidence from several point-of-views, the media, the internet, his parents, and television, stating that they all could be part of the problem. He elaborated on their involvement in the "Kipland Kinkels's shooting spree", but did favor any which side. It is unfair to point the blame at the parents for starters. Anyone is capable of committing an act of violence or worse. It is impractical to look at someone and say it is impossible for that person to wound or kill an individual. Many kids learn right and wrong early one but it is their choice to act on it ...view middle of the document...

I think most boys go through this as a youngster, myself included. I remember the first time I shot a squirrel with a BB gun. At first I was so surprised I actually hit the little rat, however that feeling of excitement only lasted a second or two following the sorrow and guilt that followed. I remember feeling sorry and sad that I killed an innocent creature. . At that moment I knew that I wasn’t a killer or someone who liked or wanted to hurt. Im sure that wasn’t Kip’s response and I think that is difference between boys being boys and something else. I think that is what should be the focus not so much that he did these things as a young kid.
The media can ruin a person's reputation and have stories about you as headline news whether it is good or bad. "Details reported from program to program focused on different aspects of Kinkel and his horrible actions." The media takes negativity and exploits it fully. If the crime is big enough, you are sure to hear about it on the news or read in newspapers. The internet can be used in ways that can be socially beneficial or harmful. Information is so readily that it is accessible to everyone to use no matter the purpose. As long as you have a connection, you can surf the web. There are ways around parental controls so you cannot monitor your child with 100 percent success. People need to stop looking to blame someone or something every time something goes bad. There is an old saying when you point you finger at someone remember there are three fingers pointing back at you, In the case especially. I do not blame anyone but Kip Kinkel for this evil act of violenc

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