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Volleyball Essay

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Volleyball is a highly enjoyable sport played by many individuals of all ages today. It is a sport that requires immense physical activity and coordination with other teammates. Volleyball can be very rewarding to our health since it involves movement of all our body parts, mainly the upper body. It also helps to improve our reflex since you have no idea when the ball will be heading your direction over the net. In the game of volleyball, every player has to be prepared to bump, set, spike, or dig the ball to the other teammates over the net. Volleyball can be played professionally, recreationally, on school teams, or for fun. So, what exactly is volleyball? Volleyball, originally called ...view middle of the document...

The play continues until the ball hits the floor. In a game, 15 or 25 points must be scored to end the game, depending on what age group is playing. A game is played best 3 out of 5. The goal of the game is to bump, set, and then spike the ball even if it doesn’t always happen that way. A ball can be set so the hitter can spike the ball. The opposite team can block the spike using their hands and arms. The hitter has the option to make a move called a ‘tactical block” which is when the hitter fakes a spike and makes a soft pass over the block. On the court there are 2 zones, the defense zone and the attack zone, or better known as the front and back row. There are 3 players designated to each zone. The front row is allowed to block the opponent and attack the ball in the attack zone. The back row plays defense by digging the players attack, and they can attack the ball from behind the attack line. What’s an attack? An attack is any ball that is sent over the net to the opponent. The attack line is located 3 meters away from the net. There are 6...

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