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Warming Of The Environment Essay

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Warming of the Environment

Joseph Nicholas Sr.

Warming Of the Environment
Wabash River Watershed
The Wabash River drainage locale encloses and surrounds a number of huge cities. These include Indianapolis and the great western region of Fort Wayne. Other cities integrated in the region are Bloomington, Muncie, Lafayette, Anderson and Terre Haute. It is important to posit that this watershed also comprises majority of Indiana’s primary farm land. Another name for the Wabash valley in the lower region is Watermelon Country, a name given to it based on the fact that the region produces high quantities of melons and cantaloupes. The soil in this region is sandy and covers cities such as ...view middle of the document...

Scientists have in the recent past posited that there is immense alarm and fear on the release and production of carbon dioxide and its contribution to global warming. It is, therefore, common knowledge that global warming is a bona fide occurrence as a result of synthetic or artificial foundation and origin (Farrar, 2010).

Some scientists have elucidated over the recent past that global warming, and it is consequential, and ensuing alterations in the general climatic conditions on earth, is not sorely a consequence of artificial events or procedures. According to them, global warming is also as a result of natural sequences. Their theory argues that there will be a comeback of cold elements of the sequence in the near future. For instance, a large amount of the frost in the Arctic and Antarctica will congeal and solidify, as well as the glaciers on the summit of the highest mountains in the planet. This theory is held up by the strange or bizarre chilly, icy, and freezing cold seasons in both halves of the sphere from 2007 to 2008. This phenomenon was characterized by the formation of glaciers in the Arctic sea. Scientists from all over the world were unenthusiastic about this current cold weather conditions and concluded the phenomenon as a concise interval from the ongoing global warming (Farrar, 2010).

What to expect with a warming climate
In relation to data gotten between 1961 and 1990, rainfall is expected to raise or swell in the near future. There is also a probability of having a budge in the time of year that rainfall takes place. This can be attributed to the fact that rainfall swell by twenty one percent and thirty percent by the end of the twentieth century. Subsequently, rainfall reduced by up to nine percent. Scientists have argued that a budge may as a consequence of elevated levels of rainfall that is of negligible exploitation by crops. Warming climate may result to wetter cold seasons due to high rainfall and hotness. The end result is flooding in Wabash River and its environs (Lugar, 2008).

The incidence and length of severe hot occurrences is expected to increase within the Wabash River region if the greenhouse gas absorption persists. In areas around Wabash River such as Indiana, hotness that currently comes about in two and a half weeks time per annum is expected to come about for seven to ten weeks. This elevation in the southern part of Wabash River signifies an elevation of more than two hundred percent in excess of the current situation. On the other hand, the incidence and harshness of the intense cold conditions is expected to reduce all over America particularly in areas surrounding the Wabash River. This region could also go through high warming of intense and excessive chilly weather conditions. The most chilly or freezing period of the year was expected to warm up to 100c by the end of the twentieth century (Lugar, 2008).
In relation to comparative...

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