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Water Crisis Essay

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We take advantage of the amount of water we have by using it for unnecessary things. Most people are oblivious to the water crisis or just don’t care. We use water for things like aquariums, water parks, and for maintaining golf courses, while there are people out there who struggle to just take a bath. About half a billion people live in countries where the water is scarce and by 2025 it is estimated to increase to three billion because of the increasing population, which is expected to be 9 billion by then (Hanjra, 2010). Using up 50 billion gallons of water every year for golf courses alone, recreational things account for a lot of wasted water (Kaufman, 2009). Golf courses aren’t the ...view middle of the document...

With the amount of water that golf courses use, there are different methods to help conserve water (Kaufman, 2009).
There are many different ways golf courses can help conserve the amount of water they consume. There is even a golf course in Afghanistan, called Kabul Golf Club, that claims to have no hazard on water at all (Semple, 2007). This nine-hole course has no grass and no defined line that distinguishes the fairways from the rough (Semple, 2007). The course is made up of a mixture of sand and oil that is packed down, and since the main reason for water loss in golf courses is the grass, a lot of the problems are eliminated (Semple, 2007). Conserving water doesn’t have to be that extreme though, there are also little things that could be done on golf courses that can make a huge difference. One way which is used by Mark Esoda, superintendent of the Atlanta Country Club, is an installment of monitors that prevent sprinklers from starting once it has rained (Kaufman, 2009). He also sends out workers to use watering cans, on areas where dry spots appear on the green, instead of turning on the sprinklers (Kaufman, 2009). Mr. Williams, the director Marriott's Stone Mountain public courses, has another effective way to conserve water (Kaufman, 2009). He lets the native grasses take over; he doesn’t mow the grass off the fairways and keeps his grass cut slightly higher than most courses (Kaufman, 2009). With his methods he has decreased water consumption by 45% in two golf...

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