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Watson's Job Aid Essay

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Watson Job Aid

When asked many nurses will say, they entered the profession of nursing because they had a desire to care for others. To most people, caring would seem a fundamental concept in nursing practice, taking place each time a nurse makes contact with a patient. However with changes in today’s health care environment, some nurses have developed an indifferent attitude when caring for patients. Changes such as increased patient loads, longer hours, and higher acuity patients have led to nurse burnout, which in turn can lead to a high level of depersonalization of patients (dos Santos, Alves, & Rodrigues, 2009). Patients are treated with disrespect or as objects of medical ...view middle of the document...

The “Ten Carative Factors” recently renamed the “Ten Caritas Processes”, established by Jean Watson, involve accepting noble and selfless values and practicing loving kindness with self and others; encouraging faith and hope, and honoring others; fostering sensitivity and nurturing of individuality in beliefs and practices; developing helping and trusting relationships with others; listening to others and accepting their feelings, either negative or positive; using creativity to solve problems; sharing teaching and learning opportunities, specifically designed to meet individual needs; creating healing environments, for not only physical healing but also spiritual healing as well; assisting with basic human needs, whether physical, emotional or spiritual; and allowing oneself to be open to the mysteries of life so that one can allow miracle to enter (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2012).
So how does one carry out the principles of this caring relationship in the Adult medical daycare environment and yet still fulfill the responsibilities and tackle challenges that appear to multiply daily? The answer is simple. Take advantage of the moments that you do spend with clients and make those “caring moments”. Dr. Watson defines a caring moment as that moment when “the nurse and another come together with their unique life histories and phenomenal fields in a human-to-human transaction. The coming together in a given moment becomes a focal point in space and time” (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2012. Para 6). During the times you have with your clients there are several actions you can take to perpetuate the connection you have with the other person. Truly listen to your clients, they have much to say and for many you may be the only person who stops to hear them during the day. Acknowledge their feelings, good and bad, without reprimand for sadness or anger. When assisting with basic physical needs, treat each client with dignity; allow each to...

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