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Website Migration Essay

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Website Migration
Mark Harris
Strayer University
Cis 210
Professor Flowe

The purpose of this paper is to set the foundation and to explain and illustrate what it will take to build a web architecture to move the existing website for Tony’s Chips, with little to no down time, also to provide a disaster recovery strategy to guarantee the site is always accessible. I will also state the necessary steps to support the company’s migration from external to internal hosting. With the overall goal being to allow the customer the ability to order products in this case being a bag of chips from the website. Data migration will occur over a two week period with charts and ...view middle of the document...

Azure’s is very scalable as it a pay as you go service furthermore it can quickly scaled up or down, and grow with your company. It also allows for pay by the minute billing that allows your company the match rates with competors prices, it will you to match or beat prices for items such as bandwidth and storage to you are the best price and service for your money.
Azure is managed and runs on a worldwide network that is managed by Microsoft datacenters in which there as 19 (more than Amazon web services and google cloud service combined). Azure can handle any workload, as it is the first multinational cloud providers in mainland China. With more than 57% of fortune 500 companies using Azure this is the product I recommend for your company.
I recommend a bus type topology for your network, and I will explain this type of network for as follows: In a Local area network where a bus type topology is used each station or node is connected to a single cable, by the use interface connectors. The central cable is the backbone of the network and is known as the bus this where the name of this type of network comes from. Signals from the source are sent out and travels in both directions until it finds the intended recipient. If the address does not match the machine it is intended for then the data is ignored. In the case that the address matches the address then the data is accepted. Bus topology consists of a single wire it is inexpensive to set up when compared to other types of topology.
A station on a bus network is known as a host or a workstation. In this type of network every station in the network will receive all network traffic and every station will have equal transmission priority. In this network bus forms a single network segment and collision domain A bus network forms a single network segment and collision domain, this allows the stations to transmit on the same bus at the same time, they use a media access control technology such as (CSMA) or a bus master.
I will ensure the systems down time will meet the five 9’s by allowing the backup systems to run in parallel with the main system that is if the main system goes down for more than 1 millisecond the backup automatically kicks in and keeps the system up and running. Redundant system will include but not be limited to servers, firewalls, databases, routers and related equipment. Data migration will occur in a series of steps by shifting data between storage, layouts and or computer systems, this is a key condensation for any system upgrade or migration. By preforming this task using a computer program(s) it will more efficient and save man hour as opposed to doing this task manually.
Data migration occurs for a variety of reasons, including server or storage equipment replacements, maintenance or upgrades, application migration, website consolidation and data center relocation. This will be a full data migration that will include data mapping form the old system to the...

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