Week 1 Assignment 2 Uop Workshop

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Mylaina Salas
Scavenger Hunt
1) What link do you click for accessing the materials for your class?

a) _x__ Materials
b) ___ Assignments
c) ___ Discussion

2) What tab do you click to get to the University of Phoenix Library?

a) ___ Home
b) ___ Classroom
c) _x__ Library
d) ___ Account

3) What document do you use to find out what assignments are due in your class?

a) ___ Instructor Policies
b) _x__ Syllabus
c) ___ University Policies

4) Click the Library tab, and then click ...view middle of the document...

Which of the following is an automated review service providing feedback on basic grammar and usage?

a) _x__ WritePointsm
b) ___ Plagiarism Checker
c) ___ Tutorials and Guides

8) How do you access the Main class forum?

a) _x__ Click the Discussion link.
b) ___ Click the Materials link.
c) ___ Click the Assignments link.

9) What forum is a private place for you to communicate with your faculty member?

a) ___ Main
b) _x__ Chat Room
c) ___ Individual

10) What icon shows next to messages posted by your faculty member?

a) ___ Person
b) _x__ Graduation cap
c) ___ Question mark

11) What icon shows next to messages posted by you?

a) _x__ Person
b) ___ Graduation Cap
c) ___ Question Mark

12) What is the phone number for University of Phoenix Student Technical Support? Hint: Use the Help button in the top right corner of the page.

a) _x__ 1-877-832-4867
b) ___ 1-602-555-1212
c) ___ 1-888-886-4415

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