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Health Care Marketing Information Matrix

There are a variety of information sources that may be used by consumers to obtain information relating to the marketing of health care products and services. The following matrix is intended to assist you in organizing the information contained in these sources. Consider the types of marketing messages that these information sources may contain and the reliability of the marketing message. Following the provided example, identify three examples of your own.

|Source of Health Information |Type of Health-Related |Marketing ...view middle of the document...

| |
|Example: |Example: |Example: |Example: |
| | | | |
|Website relating to Zyrtec |Information relating to |Zyrtec is a fast-acting |Use the product to assess whether it |
| |the use of Zyrtec in the|allergy medicine that |works as stated. |
|McNEIL-PPC, Inc. (n.d.). Zyrtec. In Zyrtec. Retrieved from http://www.zyrtec.com/econsumer/zyrtec/index.view |treatment of allergies |maintains its effect for | |
| | |24 hours after a single | |
| | |dose. | |
|Website relating to Prozac |Information about Prozac|Prozac is used to treat |An approach a consumer may use to |
| |dosages, generic name, |depression and Obsessive |verify the accuracy of Prozac’s |
|NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness. (2013). Retrieved from |and important |Compulsive Disorder (OCD).|marketing message is to make an |
|http://www.nami.org/Template.cfm?section=About_Medications |information about this |It usually takes up to 2 |appointment with a psychiatrist and |
|&Templete=/TaggedPage/TaggedPageDisplay.cfm&TPLID=51& |medication. |weeks to show improvements|discuss questions and concerns. |
|ContentID=66294 | |in condition. | |
|Website relating to Excedrin |Information related to |Excedrin is used to |An approach a...

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