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Week 4 Ind Cja Essay

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Police is a very important job. When a police officer does something like beating or just not treating a civilian with respect it make the community think if they are really save. Unethical police officer can affect how the ethical police officer is treated. Police corruption has always existed and most likely will always exist. As well as misconduct, police officers are not always perfect and sometime misbehave because of the stress of their jobs.
There are many ways that a person can define police corruptions. Herman Goldstein defined police corruptions as “acts involving the misuse of authority by a police officer in a manner designed to produce personal gain for himself or for others” ...view middle of the document...

As well as they would have to pay a fine or pay a settlement. Police brutality should always be handled very delicate.
Police Corruption/misconduct case
Early 2013, ten metro Atlanta police men were arrested because of police corruption. The police officers arrested where from different police departments from the Atlanta area. The officers were using their authority to facilitate drug deals that would go on in public areas. This case opened in August 2011, when under covered agents learned that drug leaders/gangs were paying police officer for protection. The officers and the broker were getting paid from $2000-$7000 to be divided between them. The officers would be in their uniforms and sometimes in their patrol cars and would guards they are were drug trafficking swapped back bags that contained cash and the other bag supposedly contained cocaine. One of the officers would charge an extra $800 for using his patrol vehicle. This case is still on going and for the police officers that were involved in exchanging backpacks will have a mandatory 10 years in prison. I believe that this case needs to be handled very hard handed. The police officers should receive and good amount of jail time so they can learn their lesson. They should get a hard penalty for doing what they did also so other police officers think twice before doing something illegal.
Police Brutality Case
Three officers were charged with civil right violation, including racial discrimination, false arrest and imprisonment and excessive use of force. Three men from Vallejo California claimed that they were assaulted by one or more officer in North Vallejo on March 28, 2003. Jaquezs Tyree Berry one of the plaintiff say that Jason Pott ordered him to stop walking. Once...

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