Week 5 Assignment

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Name: Date: August , 2014
ISSC340 Week 5 Assignment (3% of Grade)

Lesson 5 Review: Networking Models, Traffic and Devices
The purpose of this activity is to reinforce what you have learned so far about local area networks technologies.

1. Describe the three modes of communication available on a network. (Minimum word count: 60)
Simplex Data travels in only one direction, similar to a public address (PA) system.
Half-duplex Data travels in two directions, but in only one direction at a time, similar to a walkie-talkie. Traditional shared Ethernet uses half-duplex transmissions.
Full-duplex Data travels in two directions simultaneously, similar to a phone conversation. Full-duplex Ethernet (or switched Ethernet) supports ...view middle of the document...

4. List three practical functions of the OSI model. (Minimum word count: 60) The OSI/RM has three practical functions:  It gives developers necessary, universal concepts so they can develop and perfect protocols that can work with operating systems and network products developed by other vendors.  It explains the framework used to connect different types of systems. That is, it allows clients and servers to communicate even if they are using different applications and operating systems; all they need is a common protocol, such as TCP/IP.  It describes the process of packet creation. You will learn more about packet creation shortly.

5. Describe a collision domain. (Minimum word count: 70) An area in a network where a group of network devices compete for access to the transmission medium. In traditional Ethernet networking, only one device can transmit at any time. When two devices attempt to transmit at the same time, their transmitted frames collide and are destroyed. The greater the number of collisions, the less efficient the network. For this reason, large networks are frequently divided into distinct collision domains through the use of a networking device such as a switch, bridge or router (these devices will be discussed shortly). Dividing a network into distinct collision domains reduces the number of collisions in the overall network, and keeps the network functioning efficiently.

6. Match each term below with the correct definition.

Answer: 7 - _A_ 6 - _D_ 5 - _G_ 4 - _E_ 3 - _F_ 2 - _C_ 1 - _B_

(Please do not change the order of the answer numbers – just fill-in the appropriate character)

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