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Week 5 Assignment

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Organizational Change & Leadership from a Systems Perspective

Joshua Dooley


Gina Harper

In human service, the practitioners' goal is to grow the independence of the users of the service. They achieve their goal through education, civic engagement, social change and health promotion in all society levels. The human service practitioners also advocate human system's accessibility, integration, affectivity and efficiency (Agranoff, 2004). To achieve all this in the dream human service the best kind of leadership to is transactional leadership.

Transactional leadership style begins with the principle that all members of the team ...view middle of the document...

The staffs of human service organizations should be able to evaluate people, organizations and groups. It is, therefore, important for them to interact positively with their environment to achieve good results (Mandell, 2006). Transactional leadership helps help a lot in keeping them on toes. They are also expected to have understood the human systems and what persuades the alteration and deviation to functioning properly majorly. They should also have great treatment and management for crisis. Transactional leadership will help them achieve this especially if the leader uses punishments to help them meet standard (Mandell, 2006).

The ideal leader for my agency should have constancy (Behrens, 2007). This leader should can respond to different behaviors and issues consistently. He should also be able to set clear boundaries, such as time to begin and end services, set standards that staff should meet, address matters wisely and even set rules that govern the agency.

The ideal leader should be a good listener. For effective therapy or human service, a leader should have outstanding listening quality (Behrens, 2007). He should be good at verbal and non – verbal ways of communications. He should also have superb way of analyzing context so as to determine their meaning.

An ideal leader should be confident. I will expect this leader to have ability to operate during both certain and uncertain period. He should not be a person who entirely relies on outlaid formulas to solve client's difficult problems. Rather, he should be in a position to create consistency from his knowledge and issue at hand, while still being able to keep the required standards. This will help in holding the organization's stability (Behrens, 2007).

The leader should be natural. An ideal leader is usually flexible and very creative. For, example they do not always cling to perfection, rather they admit errors done and seeks to rectify. This is always very positive especially to the staff members because they release making mistakes is normal. With this in mind, the workers do not mind admitting their mistakes, hence, solidifying good relationship among themselves and the leader (Behrens, 2007).

The Ideal leader should have integrity. It is natural that in many organizations where members are working together, those issues of ethics always arise. As a leader, it is important to be familiar with the policies of the organization and relevant laws and regulations. On a personal level, the leader should be able to focus on internalizing good conduct and maintaining ethics of his profession (Behrens, 2007).

The ideal leader should learn to trust his staff. This way, he will successfully meet the organization’s goals. He should also have a sense of humor. The leader, who has a sense of humor, sets his staff at an easy mood. His jokes should not be hostile or annoying to anyone.

Lastly, my ideal leader should have empathy. This leader should be sensitive...

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