Week 5 Professional Values And Ethics Paper (Learning Team Assignment)

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Ethics and Values: Good Guides Toward

Occupational and Educational Success

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What are ethics and values? Values are what a person or society hold as important and a desired behavior. Ethics are sometimes based on a collection or one value. Ethics are what is considered morally right to one or more individuals. Upholding to good values and good ethical beliefs will greatly aid us in our lives, at our jobs, and in our schools. They effect the decisions that we make our successes or failures. Some of the important values to businesses, schools, and colleges are education, safety, a friendly ...view middle of the document...

d., p. 1). A belief or principle that is desired or detested by a person or social group is a value. A facility or group usually has a list or collection of values that are expected to be followed. We are all raised with different values (some are considered standards in our society) because we all come from different families who have many diverse beliefs in everything. Our values affect the decisions that we make in ours lives. For this reason, a good set of internalized values are highly desired and needed throughout our lives.
“The concept (of ethics) has come to mean various things to various people, but generally it's coming to know what it right or wrong in the workplace and doing what's right” (McNamara, n.d., para.8). They are a principle or group of values that are considered morally right. All are built upon valued standards. They are the actions we take to accomplish the important goals in our lives. The choices that we make during our lives are influenced by our ethical beliefs and standards. Continuously practicing a good set of ethical standards makes anyone a more desirable person in any group or professional setting.
A good education is highly valued almost everywhere. To be educated is to have acquired necessary and useful pieces of knowledge or information. An education or knowledge can be gained through studying and learning from a classroom, book, computer, and with on-the-job experience. According to a study by Ready Indiana (a technical training facility for employers in Indianapolis, IN) some sort of benefit was gained by employers when employees were provided with additional job training. Some of the benefits were an increase in work quality, better team performance, a reduction in absences, and an improvement in most employees self esteem. Many other benefits can also be acquired through a good education and training. Job advancement can readily be made available through additional training. Good training and a hard-earned education is favorable or required for any profession and most jobs and can ultimately affect future career choices and job opportunities.
Hostility, a lack of integrity, and dishonesty are discouraged or unwelcome in a professional environment. Although some of these issues are considered unethical, they are also considered to be opposites of our valued standards in a business or classroom environment. Hostility is an expression or form of hatred. It can be encouraged by many differences. Some of these differences or beliefs can be contributed to personality, any disability, culture, race, and religion. Hate toward one individual can terribly affect him and everyone who works around him. Hostility can be projected in many different ways. The most common are sexual harassment, retaliation to make someone quit, and depicting verbally or physically abusive behaviors. For the previous reasons, most consider these things to be wrong, harmful, and something not tolerated in any...

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