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Week 6 Psy 201 Library Article Summary

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Social Development in Adults – Library Article Summary

PSY/201 – Foundations of Psychology

October 16, 2011
Helen Tretiak-Carmichael

Social Development in Adults – Summary of University Library Article

The article chosen is entitled “Psychosocial Development From College Through Midlife: A 34-Year Sequential Study.” The article is relevant and creditable. The range of issues covered during the adult development phase of life and the additional study of Erikson’s theory the class has been studying over the last two weeks provides credence to the relevancy of the subject matter. This article would be an excellent reference for an assignment on the topic of Social ...view middle of the document...

These variables inevitably affect the results of the study in various ways and to varying degrees.
As stated in the beginning of the article, the study expected to find growth during this period of the participant’s lives. However, to what extent the age and gender as well as the differences in the variables listed previously affect the study would be the deciding factor as to the exact specifications of growth and other resulting information to be discovered. Two significant sets of participants were followed and termed “leading edge” Whitbourne, S., Sneed, J. R., & Sayer, A. (2009) of the Baby Boomer era and “trailing edge” of the Baby Boomer era. The article provides specific information on the manner in which the study was conducted, the comparative information from previous data collected, and technical statistics brought together.
The end result of the study showed the initial, expected, results were correct. As stated in the study, the results gave additional support to the fact that psychosocial issues change and accumulate over the years, and change continues through the midlife ages with steady progress in issues raised from early childhood, to more rapid growth for issues that usually occur through decades of adulthood. Whitbourne, S., Sneed, J. R., & Sayer, A. (2009).

Psychosocial development from college through midlife: A 34-year sequential study. Developmental Psychology, 45(5), 1328-1340. doi:10.1037/a0016550

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|development in adulthood. |The article was attached |
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