Week 8 Checkpoint Jetblue And Westjet

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JetBlue and Westjet: A Tale of Two IS Projects
Week 8 Checkpoint
Case Study Questions

By: Cicely Sawin

Catherine Williams

Over the past years, customers have been heavily relying on airline reservation systems to book their tickets, reserve seats, pay for the tickets and also check-in online. For customers, this has been a very convenient method and they are able to easily plan their trips. For the Airline companies, these systems have the whole flight inventory managed. They have all the flight information stored and records are maintained. It also provides a platform for communication between other airline companies for their “code-sharing plans” and agents or other ticketing offices can see real time information about the bookings and availability of seats. Since both parties rely on these ...view middle of the document...

Airline companies are able to make good strategic decisions on which route to monopolize on and how to improve their service by accessing past records about their customers stored by the system. However, on the flip side of the coin, customers’ decisions are also affected during booking times. For example, if the reservation systems are slow and not user friendly, customers can get frustrated and look for other alternative airlines.
There are several risks associated with upgrading any information systems within a company. Typically the most difficult tasks involve providing training to the employees that are responsible for using, operating or receiving data from the upgraded information systems. In this situation in particular, one of the major concerns for these companies was that the information system updates would cause defects in the system and also that the time that it would take to upgrade the reservation system could cause a gap in services to the user. An outage in their web services would cause major setbacks for both companies and neither of them could afford the loss.
The steps to control the risk/managing project risk involves identifying nature and the level of risk of project; each project can then be managed with tools and risk-management approaches geared to level of risk; managing technical complexity which involves internal integration tools. Next, inventory can also help control risk. The step is to inventory the situation. That is, identify all of the risks possible in the project. The inventory should include all internal factors for the project such as resource change, assumption failures, and sponsor availability. It should also include all external factors such as a change in company direction or a change of technology direction. Most of all, however, it should include the things that are new in the project.
Laudon, J. P., & Laudon, K. C. (2013). Essentials of management information systems (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

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