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Week Five Decisions In Paradise Business Part Three

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Week Five Decisions in Paradise Business Part Three
Nicole Halliwill
MGT/350 Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making
Alvin Richards
October 29, 2012

* The determining factors affecting Habitat for Humanity’s decision to establish a greater presence in Kava is controlled by the Kava government along with its willingness to accept assistance, the willingness of organizations to help with construction as well as meeting conservation concerns, and citizens abilities along with its willingness to assist in construction. CEO Jonathan Reckford, the board of directors, and key staff members will have to be in agreement about continual need to remain in Kava. Another consideration ...view middle of the document...

Habitat also has the backing of numerous community-based organizations, faith-based groups, businesses, and the community. Habitat for humanity’s risk factor of available resources and ability to power tools has been addressed by alternative power sources, and conservation tactics. There will be at least five translators brought in that speak in the languages necessary to communicate with the citizens of Kava. Shipment transport will be done by cargo ships. There will be numerous protective measures involved in Kava. A contractor, building classes, medical lectures on cleaning safety, protective gear to protect them from avian flu risks, and daily safety measure and procedure meetings to keep everyone safe. The one uncontrollable factor is natural disasters, but Habitat for Humanity is willing to take as many precautionary steps as possible. Some of the precautionary steps are the use of radar, installation of emergency warning system, and construction of emergency buildings. To attract tourists back, Habitat for Humanity is doing numerous human interests pieces in international papers and websites to show the positive sides of Kava.

The actions required starts with the cleanup of the Kava, the construction of drainage and waste systems, buildings, shore front construction, warning system, and emergency buildings. Some of the resources we have are the government support, community-based organizations, faith-based groups, businesses, and the community. We also have a large support from The World Conservation Union.

“Founded in 1948, The World Conservation Union brings together States, government agencies and a diverse range of non-governmental organizations in a unique world partnership: over 913 members in all, spread across some 136 countries.

As a Union, IUCN seeks to influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable. A central secretariat coordinates the IUCN Programme and serves the Union membership, representing their views on the world stage and providing them with the strategies, services, scientific knowledge and technical support they need to achieve their goals. Through its six Commissions, IUCN draws together over 6000 expert volunteers in project teams and action groups, focusing in particular on species and biodiversity conservation and the management of habitats and natural resources. The Union has helped many countries to prepare National Conservation Strategies, and demonstrates the application of its knowledge through the field projects it supervises. Operations are increasingly decentralized and are carried forward by an expanding network of regional and country offices, located principally in developing...

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