Weekly Reflection Essay

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Weekly Reflection

Kimberly Blackwell


April 8, 2013
Sherrick Johnson

Weekly Reflection

Investing in the stock market is a way of life in the United States, and most of these are equity and investments. This is a long-term stock investment strategy whereby profits are realized through dividend payments and capital gains that accrued on the equity of a particular ...view middle of the document...

The weeks objective also talked about the differentiate types of stocks issued by corporation. Calculating stocks, dividends, and stock splits was also part of the equity and investments. In addition to the learning objectives for week three, recording treasury stock transaction was also elaborated.
Team C also read chapters 11 and 12 of Financial Accounting. Week Three objectives provided us with electronic reserve reading. Being in Accounting 291 the readings will help team C with the understanding of the week’s objectives. In week Three team C had a learning team reflection and that was to choose a virtual organization for our ratio analysis memo preparation. This learning team assignment that is due in week five seem to be a bit much but, we know that it will be well worth it for our future.
In conclusion, week three focused on equity and investments.

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