What Atmosphere Does Kenneth Branagh Create At The Start Of His Film Version Of Much Ado About Nothing And Where In The Play Is The Source Of His Ideas?

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What atmosphere does Kenneth Branagh create at the start of his film version of much ado about nothing and where in the play is the source of his ideas?
In the act 1 of the scene 1 of much ado about nothing by William Shakespeare, a messenger arrives in the Italian town of Messina, with a letter that informs the kindly Leonato that he will welcome to Messina some soldier friends who are coming from a victorious battle. These friends are Don Pedro of Aragon, a nobleman, and Claudio, a warrior. Hero, Leonato’s daughter and Beatrice, her cousin, accompany him. Beatrice and another soldier of Don Pedro’s army, Signor Benedick, are in a “merry war” but they never saw each other. Beatrice ...view middle of the document...

- They are in an orchard and they are doing a picnic, everybody is smiling and laughing. They are feasting.
Secondly, the messenger is pressed to give the letter because Don Pedro and his army are at three leagues off, the stage director made him arrived on a horse because he needed to go fast and he needed to arrived before Don Pedro and his army. When the messenger arrived all the people of Messina stopped clapping their hands and they looked at the messenger, it is like a very important things arriving; the coming of Don Pedro. He creates an atmosphere with suspense.
In addition, when Leonato says that Don Pedro and his glorious army will come to Messina, all the people are very happy and exited to learn the news. Kenneth Branagh made all the people very happy because Don Pedro is famous. We know that he is famous and liked because, firstly his name is “Don”, sign of nobility, secondly, the messenger says “he hath born himself beyond the promise of his age, doing in the figure of a lamb the feats of a lion” this means that he is more mature than his age and that he is young but he does things that a person with lot of experience will do so it is like an honor for the people that live in Messina to welcome him. Also, “he hath indeed better bettered expectation than you must expect of me to tell you how” this means that he exceeds people's expectations so, this is why Kenneth Branagh made everyone happy when the messenger said that Don Pedro will come, because Don Pedro is like a “hero”. He creates a merry atmosphere.
Furthermore, the people that live in Messina are relieved when they learn that “few of any sort, and none of name” died, because in the film version, the people say an exclamation of relief. It adds a peaceful atmosphere. Leonato says in the play “A victory is twice itself when the achiever brings home full numbers.” It means that a victory in battle is twice as victorious when all the soldiers return home safely. Leonato and all the people that live in Messina are relieved that in this battle, there isn't lot of dead people.
Then, in the play and in the film version, Beatrice wants to belittle Benedick when she...

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