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What Carine Roitfeld Brought To Luxury Houses?

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Carine Roitfeld

Photo 1
手放在中間 有動作持續的感覺
Hand is in motion that makes the views conceive the on-going story.

Photo 2
和服 東方元素 女性物化 (沒有臉) 東方等同女性
作為西方白人(americanized 80s)的玩物
Kimono is oriental/exotic factor. Model has no face no identity. Asian female that represents Asia is played by western (Americanized, dressed like 80’s) white man.
kimono butterfly
nailed on the wall

女性化上鬍子 與男性穿女性衣服 兩種詮釋
女性: 縱使可以買高貴物品 仍被家庭束縛 寧為男性
男性: 就算要向女性一樣在家 但也希望成為女性 因為有很多高貴東西可買
Two interpretations: woman with beard / man dressed like woman
Female: even if she can shop luxury items, she is still bounded by family; so she wants to be a man.
Male: even if he has to stay at home, he ...view middle of the document...

She brought them all together in a genius mix. And the resulting visual image was the true strength of her work.

2. She changed the way of communication. - From Push to Pull or interaction i.e.She make fashion noticed by masses - She brought a coherent vision of modern femininity, sexual transgression and,even bad taste that caught the sight of masses and even made them want to see more about her expression of fashion. she gets people to talk about her work, the idea behind the image and the products too...she re-positions luxury in a way that no one has done it before, she finds a balance between being elegance and rebelious.

3. She raised the height of Fashion- She make Fashion no longer being shallow anymore but with connotation.---Her photos are not just beautiful or shocking but having a story behind them.

In the end, she wins the respect from everyone in luxury industry by changing the communication for fashion.
"Carine, and her vision of French Vogue, embodies all that the world likes to think of as Parisian style: a sense of chic that's impeccable and sometimes idiosyncratic and which forever lives on a moonlit street as seen through the lens of Helmut Newton."--Anna Wintour        Karl Lagerfeld once said that if you close your eyes and imagine the ideal French woman, it would be Carine Roitfeld. She is a fashion visionary and a muse. Since the start of her career in the early 1990s, through her collaborations with the legendary photographer Mario Testino, Roitfeld has been credited with launching Tom Ford's career at Gucci, as well as turning French Vogue into one of the industry's most worshipped magazines. 
This elegant volume is a visual history of Roitfeld's fearless career. A daring instigator, she is known for pushing the limits with her subversive styling ideas. Featuring a selection of 250 magazine tear sheets and covers from pivotal editorial shoots and advertising campaigns, as well as intimate visual ephemera, this book gives an inside view into Roitfeld's creative thought process and sensibility. A must-have for those interested in cutting-edge fashion and femininity, this book will empower women to follow Roitfeld's lead and take risks with their personal style.
“卡琳和她的法國時尚的眼光,體現了所有的世界喜歡想像的那樣巴黎風格:時尚這是無可挑剔的,有時特質並永遠生活在月光下街道通過赫爾穆特·牛頓的鏡頭所看到的感覺。” --Anna溫圖爾卡爾·拉格菲爾德曾經說過,如果你閉上眼睛,想像理想的法國女人,這將是卡琳·洛菲德。她是一個時尚有遠見和繆斯。由於她的職業生涯在90年代初開始,通過她的合作與傳奇攝影師Mario Testino的,洛菲德已計入推出湯姆·福特的職業生涯,在古馳,以及轉向法國Vogue成為業界最崇拜的雜誌之一。
Carine Roitfeld: 'Vogue was like a golden cage'
Roitfeld achieved notoriety as editor of French Vogue, where she was accused of promoting 'porno chic', anorexia and racism. Now she's launched a magazine of her own
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The Guardian, Friday 14 September 2012 20.15 BST

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