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What Is Citizenship? Essay

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What is Citizenship?

Interviewer: Gloria Santiago
Age: 51
Born: Mexico
1. What inspired you to become a U.S. citizen?
“I wanted to become a U.S. citizen because, of the freedom options the United States offers. I also, would like to have my children born here, and be legit citizens of America.”
2. What steps did you take as part pf the naturalization process?
“I first had to fill out an application, to even be considered. I had to learn to speak English. I had be able to write, speak and read English for the naturalization ...view middle of the document...

4. How has gaining citizenship changed your life? Is your daily life different because of gaining citizenship?
“It has changed my perspective on things. I am grateful for the freedom and opportunities I have. I’ve learned to appreciate everything I have because you don’t know what could happen. I also feel safe.
5. Do you feel the process was worthwhile?
“Yes, because of this process I am able to do a lot of things I do before. I enjoy, and don’t regret it in any way.”
6. If you had too, would you do it again? Explain.
“Yes, I love every bit of being a citizen.”
7. Is there anything you miss where you are from that you don’t have here?
“I miss my culture, and my friends and family”

The purpose of the naturalization process is to see if a person should become a citizen of a country. What the country looks for is if the person wants to be a citizen, if they know enough about the country to survive in the country and help the country, if the person has good moral character, and they check for other things too like how long they have already lived in the country.
I only thing I would consider changing in the process would be the things they need to know. Knowing our history I important but what percentage of Americans actually know this? I think it can be a little unfair for them to memorize things we don’t even know ourselves.

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