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What Is Emo Essay

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Paul D. Sowers
English Composition
February 21, 2012 REVISED
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Definition essay topic: Emo
Emo has many meanings. The correct definition is that Emo is a music genre. Some People consider it only as a brief way to call someone emotional, although they are not correct. Emo is also about fashion, a way of dressing and expressing yourself through clothes and makeup.
Originally, Emo was a style of music, punk rock that originated in North America around 1980. Some of the bands from that time included Rites of Spring and Embrace. Its sound and meaning changed and blended with pop punk and indie rock in the 1990s and new ...view middle of the document...

Pinkerton became the most important Emo album of the decade. Weezer returned in 2000 with a different pop sound and refused to play songs from Pinkerton because they dismissed it as “ugly” and “embarrassing.” The new album held its appeal and achieved high sales and praise and is noted for introducing Emo to more mainstream audiences.
In the late 1990s Emo had a surge of popularity as a number of notable acts experienced success that would lay the foundation for later. As Emo gained a larger fan base the music business began to see its marketing potential. The music labeled Emo was making a connection with a larger group of people. Emo had always connected with young people it had just never aggressively marketed itself to them. Emo’s sudden explosion into the mainstream to media outlets came in the wake of the September 11 attacks. Despite the fact that hip hop was still dominating the charts, the nation was in a healing process, and the way it was healing was by wearing black glasses and vintage striped shirts. Emo would heal us through fashion, and that is where it changed into a style and a way of dressing and a new fashion.
Today Emo is tied to music and fashion as well as the Emo subculture. Usually among teens, the term “Emo” is stereotyped with wearing slim-fit jeans, tight t-shirts which often have the...

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