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What Were The Major Developments In The Evolution Of Mass Media During The Last Century

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Unified Communication Platforms

Paulette Lewis


March 7, 2016
Ezam Mohammed

The differences of Unified Communication Platforms, Features, Functionally

Softphone: A softphone ( software telephone) is an application program that enables voice over internet protocol ( VOIP) telephone calls from computing devices in the enterprise, softphone are sometimes referred as a soft clients, Most softphones applications work in conjunction with a headset and microphone a specialized VOIP phone ( sometimes called a hard phone) or by using a device called an analog telephone adaptor ( such as magic jack) Which enables ...view middle of the document...

Software applications to complicate things, sometimes IP phones use the same protocols as softphones and compete with each other for bandwidth.

VOIP: Vonage is a voice over internet ( VOIP) services provider that offers inexpensive flat rates plans within the United States and Canada as well as low cost per mintues calling to other areas of the world. Once the equipment has been installed the Vonage service work transparently so that it seems to user much like the tranditional public switched telephone network ( PSTN) you use your telephone to call people, people call you at your usual phone number, your phone rings and you pick up the headset to answer. Familiar telecom services such as caller identification and call waiting and forwarding are provided free charges when a customer signs up for a service package, Vonage sends them an analog. Telephone adapter to connect their telephone to their computer or a network device the cabling required for installation and instructions for typical configurations as an additional feature, Vonage offers a softphone application that can substitute for an actual telephone. The softphone provides a screen display that the user can interact with for example while connecting through a laptop and using a headset in place of a telephone


When using these two systems it’s a great investment if you have any businesses. I use these systems for my businesses over in Ghana, West Africa for communication with my employees and CEO team members.


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