What Would You Change In Your Country?

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Have you ever dreamt about the improvement of life in your country? Undoubtedly, our appetites are unlimited. People always want more. There is hardly a person in the world who is completely satisfied with economic, cultural or political situation in her country. Sometimes these dreams have a solid background and reasons, because it is impossible to build a perfect society on the territory of a chosen country. Everyone dislikes something about his native country and wants to change these disadvantages.

As I speak about myself, I would rather say that I have a few ideas about this issue. I would change several things that exist in every country. When we speak about education in the USA, the UK, India or Russia, we would say that education is not a strong side of any country. People have not managed to create the ideal ...view middle of the document...

I would like to make education affordable for everyone, because the level of literacy is still low in my country. Of course there are good schools and colleges but very few families are able to afford them. One can say that students receive little attention from their teachers. When a class consists of twenty students, it is impossible to control the level of knowledge of every student. Then, it is bad that our education focuses on weak students and neglects children with potential. Smart students do not have a chance to develop intensively. They have to attend extra classes and hire private teachers. May be, it is a problem of mixed classes that equalize students with different intellectual potential.

Another problem is healthcare system. This problem has always been relevant in the USA, the UK, Germany, etc. It is very hard to improve the standards of healthcare services, because medicine costs money. Medication, pills and substances are very expensive. Obviously, it is expensive to analyze the qualities of various chemical elements and define their influence on the human health.

Every experiment at a research institute costs money; consequently, medications cost much. I would like to reduce prices on medication and basic healthcare services, because it can save millions of lives. Of course, it is impossible to reduce prices on surgery and other complicated services.

However, the state can afford low prices at least on drugs.

Finally, I would like to improve ecological situation in my country. People still continue littering and polluting their towns and cities. They do not care about water and air. It is reasonable to introduce solid fines and penalties for such actions. I can say that children should receive knowledge about environmental issues from the earliest years of their life.

In conclusion, one can name many problems that exist in his country and he should do his best to solve them.

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