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Where Is The Earth Heading? Essay

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Where is the Earth heading?

Albert Gore's speech "Global climate change: Protecting the environment" is a very inspiring essay not just because global warming is a big discussed issue these days but also because it's one of the biggest problems. Some examples of worsening condition are the higher and higher temperatures all over the world, the poisoning of the water and air on the Earth, and another one “the unprecedented loss of living species at a rate that has not taken place on this planet since the disappearance of the dinosaurs so many tens of millions of years ago” (Gore). This is very shocking and unimaginable because without animals we neither the Earth won't be able to survive. ...view middle of the document...

Also Al Gore's speech has the point of convincing as many people to start making changes in their behavior towards the environment.
While reading his speech we come across three biggest problems. First one is about the unprecedented number of human population on the Earth “adding the equivalent of one China's worth of people every 10 years” (Gore). In the second one he mentions how fast we are developing with technology which I think is on one hand good but on the other with that good also comes a lot of dangers, as he mentions “the invention of nuclear weapons so completely transformed the consequences of all-out warfare” (Gore). Now least but not least is the third point where he talks about “a philosophical shift in our way of thinking about the consequences of what we do to the environment, a change which has led too many people to assume that we need not take into account the future effects of our present actions” he means that we don't realize what are the consequences of our actions. For example someone throws a plastic bottle on the ground in the park and thinks that well one bottle won't change the whole environment, that's true, but he's not the only one in the world and when many people think this, they do it and THAT becomes a bigger problem for the environment.
An controlling exigence Bitzer describes as "any exigence is an imperfection marked by urgency; it is a defect, an obstacle, something waiting to be done, a thing which is other than it should be" (Bitzer 6). But he also mentions that not all exigences are rhetorical, only rhetorical exigences are the ones that CAN be fixed, as in this case the environment can be at least made better by for example recycling, if not totally stopping using the plastic bottles, or riding a bike instead of using a car, or not smoking cigarettes.
Al Gore is probably not so happy about the little changes that have been made over the past twenty years since he presented this speech in 1995. When he was saying it he had a better vision of how he would want the people to react and get involved with the problem.

I am trying my best to help the environment and it's a thing I don't think about anymore, when I see a plastic bottle on the ground I pick it up, and I throw it away. But help of just few people won't make any difference; we all need to take a part in this big process of making a better future for our next generations. No one wants their children/grandchildren to walk Earth full of diseases, global catastrophes or breathe polluted air. I hope we will use our well developed technologies in spreading the messages. We need people to see it in order to make the world a good home to live for all of us.
In Gore's speech we could see a lot of important points that humans could work on. As he says that probably the most important factor that has led to “a philosophical shift in our way of thinking about the consequences of what we do to the environment” (Gore). What he means is that people...

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