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Whose Reality Essay

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Since I was a child I had a dream to one day rule the skies flying at speeds only a handful of people got to experience. To be as agile as a hawk and have the might of a lion, I strived to be immersed in the "national culture that glamorises soldiers" this was my reality, or was it? With little concept of war and death, had I merely been brainwashed by a society driven by hate in order to become the next gen in "homicidal technology"?
Whilst we think we can determine our own reality, this may prove to be impossible in the modern world. Wherever we go we are surrounded by technology that allows us to be instantly connected to information from around the world. Where ...view middle of the document...

Exerting their seemingly limitless power to push and shove the little guys to breaking point. Most civilians of the western world would be completely unaware that America has overthrown 50 governments, many which were democratically elected. As well as bombing civilian populations of 30 countries and waging secret wars in over 124 countries. We live in a democracy, where we have freedom of speech however it must be remembered that if our leaders speak on behalf of the people, we to also speak on behalf of our leaders who “seek power” from starting wars as “all wars are fought for money”. It is thanks to organisations like Wikileaks who expose the truth about our government and the voluntary secrecy of the media. Hillary Clinton wrote that “Saudi Arabia remains a critical financial support for... terrorist groups... worldwide". And yet they are our valued allies. We sell them all the weapons they want. The government and media claim we needed this war to free the world from terror, however if this is the case why are we supplying them with weapons? If the public were more aware, we could change this reality by saving the lives of hundreds of thousand of people.

Due to the effective manipulation of the media everyday citizens blindly accept the governments messages. The media is able to manipulate our realities and place a false one upon as that is filled with spins and false leads in an effort to keep us obedient and to comply with the twisted desires of our government. Its not a foreign concept that we believe that it is our duty to uphold peace around the world through war in an effort to make it a better place - however it is "an incurable, archaic disease in human affairs". In regards to the recent exchange of 5 Taliban soldiers for one American Sergeant, the father of Bowe Bergdahl exposes the true light of the situation that war is shaped in the minds of a lot of Americans "that we are there as some kind of peace corps with guns and that is just an impossible mission". Rather ironically, in our "calls for justice" through the invasion of Iraq the threats we seek to eliminate were born. Before the invasion there was no Islamic extremists such as ISIS, there were no jihadists and we blew all that to bits with 'shock and awe' commonly referred to as The Iraq Effect. Since the invasion study shows that there had been a stunning sevenfold increase in the yearly rate of fatal jihadist attacks highlighting how contagious the ISIS ideological virus has become. We wage war under the heavy influence of fear, resorting to methods that are inhumane and beastly, leaving the "exhausted little David" to...

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