Why I Never Fell For South Africa

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“Why I never quite fell for South Africa”
By Rory Carroll

Writer Rory Carroll has been living in South Africa for almost four years, despite this, he claims to have never felt at “home” in this country. His somewhat attacking opinions are ultimately based on true facts and he has, with this article highlighted important conflicting issues that South Africans have to deal with on a daily basis. Crime is Carroll’s main point, and even though there has been significant improvement in the country’s crime rate, the odds of becoming a victim to crime in South Africa is higher than that of the “average American and European” The result in ...view middle of the document...

Being the country that is most infected by the HIV virus, South African government is doing little to address the problem at hand. The President of South Africa is unnecessarily investing money in “German submarines” that can’t be justified. It is evident that the government needs to prioritise more clearly. The South African economy has improved significantly since 1994 but even so there is still a large amount of unemployment in the country. Since 1994 South Africa has strived for equality and unity amongst citizens and it is disappointing to see that apartheid still exists in the Internal Government. South Africa is considered a “rainbow nation” but citizens are reluctant to accept ideas concerning “inter racial” relationships and friendships, thus putting restrictions on the society as a whole. Carroll realizes that there are many South Africans concerned that their country will end up like Zimbabwe. He goes on to reassure his readers of this question by stating that there are still positive aspects to South Africa and its government, which demonstrates that they are still responsive to the voters. Overall Carroll stresses that it is easy to lose your heart by the beauty that South Africa radiates, but beneath the external there seems to be far more threatening issues that leave one feeling despondent and disillusioned when thinking of the future of South Africa.

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