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12 February 2014
“Why I Write”
Joan Didion
Basically, the story of this article, “Why I Write”, is about how she thinks. She explained about her problem about thinking in abstract and then described her thinking process.
My favorite quotation in this text is “When I was in Berkeley, I tried to buy temporary visa into the world of ideas, to forge for myself a mind that could deal with the abstract.” I chose this quotation because it ...view middle of the document...

’ Now, I can clearly understand the beauty of language and why people study the language. To be honest, I could not understand why people choose their major as English or other languages. I thought majoring language does not have any attraction; however, I finally tasted a charm of language which left such a great aftertaste.
I want to ask my peers about how humble she is. In the article, Joan said that she got a bachelor’s degree in English from UC Berkeley which is one of the greatest universities in the States. However, she mentioned that she is never related with intellectuals. Don’t you think she is humble? How can she possibly say that?
The most interest thing in this article is her process of thinking in abstract. Actually, I also have same problem as Joan’s. I always failed when I try to think something in abstract. I could not get out from the limitation of tangibility. Therefore, for me, Joan’s own way to think in abstract is really helpful to me.
When I was reading this article, I felt floating around the sea of linguistics. At first, I was really annoyed by Joan’s words, but after reading them again, I just attached to her language.

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