Why Kids Should Not Play Football?

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“More young athletes are saying that America's favorite sport is just too dangerous.” By Jenn Shotz. My own opinion - she is right. Kids should not play football,because it's to risky.
It was interesting for me, to read that Stern, who is also the director of the Alzheimer's Disease Center Clinical Core and director of clinical research at the Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Center at the university, reported the findings with his colleagues in the Jan. 28 issue of Neurology.
The study authors pointed out that, on average, children who play football between the ages of 9 - 12
experience between 240 and 585 head hits per season, which a force that is comparable to that experienced by high school and college players. The decision:” Playing football as a kid ...view middle of the document...

.. It's easy! For you, immediately to understand, why your child do not need to play football.
If you can't understand....sorry. Vanity Fair !

Here is the words of the President of the USA - Barack Obama: “I would not let my son play pro football. It's sort of the same realm( as boxing ). At this point, there's a little bit of “ Caveat Emptor “. These guys , they know they're doing .They know ,what they're buying into. It is no longer a secret . It's sort of the feelings I have about smokers , you know ? “Barack Obama ,44th President of the United States (via NFL) .“ Caveat Emptor “-Definition of Latin phrase “ Let the buyer beware “. I agree , it's aggressive kind of sport. Not many children has such strong character for to be good in it.

Another reason - not to play football: it's expensive for the budget of the family. Not many parents can spend more then two hundred dollars for the equipment, to pay an additional cost for the season, to buy special drink and meal at football match, to pay extra money for the transport, for to go to different states, cities, countries. I write some important reasons for the kids not to play American football. For you , to decide! “Our eyes saw it , but we could mot believe our eyes ?!”

Kids should not play football. I believe, that football is a great exercise and helps kids get stronger. But, till the first an accident, only. You can choose another kind of physical activity or sport, which are not risky and aggressive. Different kinds of physical activity or sport activity keeps kids grades up. All of them are the great exercise. Youth enjoy the sport very much. Let's to do right chosen! I prefer peaceful type of sport - swimming. To remember: Your life is in your hands. The life and the health of your kids also!

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