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Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs A Marketing Plan

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Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs a Marketing Plan 
Evangeline E. Towry
MHA626: Strategic Planning & Marketing in Health Care
Dr. Monica Scales
December 2, 2013

Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs a Marketing Plan 
Marketing is healthcare, like any business, is essential to the livelihood of the overall business. Healthcare marketing is all about building relationships within the community, building trust, displaying expertise and, eventually, gaining new patients. In healthcare marketing, you need to identify the needs of your patients as well as the needs of the surrounding community. This will allow you to formulate strategies to help your healthcare organization fulfill ...view middle of the document...

There is an old saying in marketing and communications. The biggest risk in marketing is not to take a risk. I am not suggesting that you go out there and light your hair on fire.
But find a story that says worlds about the good and the great within your institution. If you tell it in a way that turns employees, affiliates and consumers into your most ardent allies, this will ensure your success.
Three Distinguished Strategies
The three strategies discussed in the video are: internal, external, and professional referral marketing. Internal marketing is communicating with your current patient base. External marketing is when you market to potential patients. This is a big area of interest for marketers. Professional referral marketing is another major way to gain potential new patients. This is when physicians or healthcare organizations refer patients to one another.
Word-of-mouth referrals are the best method of gaining new patients. “Professional referrals are a significant section of well-constructed marketing plans because they harbor big benefits-not only for solo or specialty practitioners, but for hospitals, physician groups, elective and cosmetic care, and dental practices” (Hirsch, 2010). If your marketing strategy is successful, you will build a network of trust within your medical community. Trust is very key to professional referrals.

Applying Healthcare Marketing Strategies
Patients have become more proactive in their quest for quality healthcare. Therefore, I would apply everything that I have learned from the video by being...

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