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Windows Server 2008 Essay

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Robert Clayton
Windows Server is a collection of server operating systems created by Microsoft. There are multiple editions; Windows Server 2008 Web which is designed specifically for computers functioning as Internet or intranet Web servers, including all of the Internet Information Services 7 capabilities, but cannot function as an Active Directory domain controller, Windows Server 2008 Standard (Standard edition is also limited to computers with up to 4 GB of RAM (in the x86 version) and up to four processors, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise(The Enterprise edition includes the full set of Windows Server 2008 features, and supports computers with up to eight processors and ...view middle of the document...

Windows Server was designed to reduce the time it takes to implement and manage solutions by Standardizing common administration tasks, Providing robust tools for more customized administration. In addition, Windows Server is the most broadly tested and certified platform for applications and hardware, so it improves your ability to deliver solutions that will grow and change as the business needs change. The Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) was developed by Microsoft to provide a rigorous engineering process for developing secure code. This process includes the development of threat models during software design, the use of static analysis code-scanning tools during implementation, and the conducting of code reviews and security testing during a focused security push. IT organizations are in the best position to deliver secure solutions by utilizing a quality, innovative technology platform, like Windows Server, and establishing proactive security management processes. The Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI) is the Microsoft technology strategy for products and solutions that help businesses enhance the dynamic capability of their people, processes, and IT infrastructure using technology.
A directory service is a repository of information about the resources hardware, software, and human that are connected to a network. Users, computers, and applications throughout the network can access the repository for a variety of purposes, including user authentication, storage of configuration data, and even simple white pages style information look-ups. Active Directory is the directory service that Microsoft first introduced in Windows 2000 Server, and which they have upgraded in each successive server operating system release, including Windows Server 2008. Active Directory makes services and resources available. An Active Directory domain is a hierarchical structure that takes the form of a tree, much like a file system. The domain consists of objects, each of which represents a logical or physical resource. There are two basic classes of objects: container objects and leaf objects. A container object, including domains, is one that can have other objects subordinate to it. A leaf object can represent users, computers, groups, applications, and other resources on the network. Every object consists of attributes, which store information about the object. A container object has, as one of its attributes, a list of all the other objects it contains. Leaf objects have attributes that contain specific information about the specific resource the object represents. Some attributes are created automatically, such as the globally unique identifier that the domain controller assigns to each object when it creates it, while administrators must supply information for other attributes manually. A container object that functions in a subordinate capacity to a domain, something like a subdomain, but without the complete separation of security policies. As...

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