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Windshield Survey Essay

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Windshield Survey
Bronx District 11
Morris Park

A windshield survey is assessment tool used in community nursing that helps the community nurse become familiar with a certain area. This identifies the health needs of a particular community focusing on the exclusive needs of a certain community. This involves driving and walking through the targeted community to observe the communities characteristics. The observed neighborhood was the Bronx, district 11 of Morris Park.
Morris Park borders Pelham Parkway at the north and on the east and south borders is Amtrak railroad tracks. To the east is the Hutchinson Parkway. Morris Park is comprised of both commercial and residential buildings. ...view middle of the document...

Some of the houses had decks and/or porches and some with the American flag blowing in the wind.
Morris Park had many common places to hang out. There were pizzerias in which all ages were seen enjoying themselves. On Morris Avenue there is a four story building which is The Center for Learning Disabilities. Also noticed was The Bronx Council for the Arts and the S.H and Helen R. Scheuer Swimming Center which is attached to the Bronx Recreation Center. The younger crowd can be seen at the few night clubs in the area. These establishments are not exclusively for use by the Morris Park residents. The centralized location allows surrounding area to utilize these businesses as well.
Morris park neighborhood has a number of playgrounds and places to relax. At the northern section which borders Pelham Parkway there is an area that has some nice old trees that people can take a walk. There is a 218 acre playground that has a roller rink named in honor of Alfred Loreto. Alfred Loreto was a police officer who lost his life trying to...

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