Wireless Technology Essay

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Wireless Technology
Ripton Powell
Martin Mueller

Wireless Technology in the Workplace
Wireless technology has become one of the fastest rising staples used in the workplace today. It has impacted the way we all function in the workplace in many different aspects, some positive and some negative. Online, there are articles by Aaron Charles of Demand Media, covering a few different aspects of the effects that wireless technology have on the workplace and the employees of these workplaces. Collaboration, mobilization, security & distractions are some of the effects; they all play a crucial role in the growth and well being of the business based on how they are managed.

Positive Effects
In the workplace, there are certain amenities that will allow for increased productivity compared to an atmosphere without them. ...view middle of the document...

” Telecommunicating has become a phenomenon in the modern workplace that allows workers to work remotely from home or from a local café, increasing productivity.

Negative Effects
The “side-effects” that play a huge role as well, in a negative aspect, are distraction and the security. There are inevitably going to be security risks when wireless technology is introduced, the possibility of leaks becomes almost impossible to thwart 100%. There is also a security risk when it comes to social media; this opens up companies to all kinds of possible issues like their logo being associated with illegal or inappropriate content. This is why companies have developed a code of conduct that addresses social networks and how wireless communication is used in both the traditional and mobilized workplace. Wireless technology can also become a distraction and even a handicap for employees. Charles wrote “While workers are more accessible because of wireless communication, that also means that they're more able to interrupt meetings by excusing themselves to take phone calls or by clandestinely – or not so clandestinely – checking text messages.” The fact that they are connected means that they are truly connected in every sense of the word, including both the productive and the unproductive.

The innovations in today’s technology have given us a huge sphere or possibilities and opportunities. There can be negative aspects and there can be positive, but overall with management it’s evident that the benefits outweigh the risks. The article The Impact of Wireless Communication in the Workplace states 42% of executives surveyed “believe that they'll be working even more in the coming years, largely because of wireless communication technologies.”

Charles, A. (n.d.). The Impact of Wireless Communication in the Workplace. Retrieved from http://yourbusiness.azcentral.com/impact-wireless-communication-workplace-11068.html

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