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Wishing Well Essay

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Life is a gift. So enjoy it to the fullest. My wishes are mainly based on this famous hindi song but in my own way “Duniya me aaye ho to love karlo, thoda sa jee lo thoda adventure karlo”

1st: Everyone wants a good life partner but the qualities or attributes they want differ from person to person. So what I wish for is that I want her to love me the way I will love her. Also I don’t want a queen because I will treat her like queen. There are many things that I have thought I will do after marriage. Some of them are cooking with her, helping in household work as I am an expert in this field, party with her and going mad and many more which are not appropriate to tell here. I have planned what I will do for her before marriage, after marriage and in life.
I wish her to be understanding about my work, my lifestyle and trustworthy. Trust is the backbone of any ...view middle of the document...

When I see other boys just going talking to any girl and getting along, then this goes to another level, I feel bad for myself thinking why can’t you do this.
Also other than this there are many more reasons like going in for a interview, group discussion, also presentations. One thing I feel which may be a normal for others but for me it’s a milestone and that is to clear the selection process of SIMS. I know what I went through, I stammered in my interview 5-10 seconds for every word but luckily I gave all the answers and got selected.
So I want to improve myself more and get better at communicating with others as after graduation I will go in corporate world where communication will play a huge role in my career. Every time I go for presentations, or someone says to me to introduce yourself, something just happens inside my body and I fear how will I do this, but I’m doing it, that’s life just face every challenge as it comes. To fulfill this I will have to do all the hard work required, and not doubt on my ability to face this.

3rd: I am known to be very adventurous person among my friends. This wish of mine is connected with this only which is I want my trekking list to cross 50. Trekking is my passion, till now I have trekked 6 destinations that too in the last year. I’m living in Pune for past 9 years so there are many forts in Pune to for trekking. My latest trekking destination was Torna Fort (Prachangad), the largest fort in Pune district and the first for captured by Shivaji Maharaj.
My other destinations include Rajgad Fort, Rajmachi Fort etc. Apart from this I also want to trek largest fort in India. Next trek I’m planning is the college competition which is organized by SIMS from Katraj to Singhad , it’s a night trek so its gonna be fun. I know it will take time to fulfill this but I will do it, no matter how long it takes. I have this wish , I started it so I will finish it.

As it is said , “A person is never satisfied” so apart from these wishes there are other things also. As one wish is fulfilled, many more comes. So this process goes on and in the end everyone goes to rest.

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