With Reference To Examples, Evaluate The Success Or Otherwise Of Urban Regeneration Schemes In Combating The Causes And Consequences Of Urban Decline

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With reference to examples, evaluate the success or otherwise of urban regeneration schemes in combating the causes and consequences of urban decline (40)

Urban decline was a problem faced by many inner city areas in the UK from the 1970’s onwards, and occurs when people move out of an areas because of factors such as deindustrialisation and depleting job availability. This leads to areas becoming unsightly, dangerous places to live which this government has tried to reverse in the past 40 years, with varying levels of success. In this essay I will be investigating the varying levels of success that different decision making governments have had at regenerating Hulme in Manchester, the ...view middle of the document...

Competitive bidding encouraged new ideas as the local councils had to work with businesses and local communities to come up with a regeneration plan that was then submitted to the national government. This attracted the private sector to Hulme as it was an interesting idea, but neighbouring areas such as Mosside suffered as local authorities worked against each other rather than together. This was a disadvantage to the competitive bidding mechanism as disadvantaged areas rarely coincide with administrative boundaries. However, competitive bidding worked out for Hulme, and by 1995, 50 hectares of land had been reclaimed, 600 rentable homes had been built and over 400 homes had been either improved or refurbished. The Zion centre (a community centre) was also constructed in the area, alongside the refurbishment of the shopping centre and the addition of an ASDA supermarket.
The City Challenge Partnership in Hulme was a fairly successful scheme. The new housing and services made Hulme a much more attractive place to live, which led to a population increase of 3.3% in the 10 years from the start of the scheme; this was 16.5 times more than Manchester as a whole. As well as this, Hulme and Mosside received approximately £400 million of private and public investment between 1997 and 2002 which meant that businesses moved into the area, jobs could then be created so employment fell substantially. This was almost a complete turnaround as it was the opposite to the spiral of decline that Hulme was in before the scheme. However, Hulme was still a poor area as 47.5% of the population still live in council housing and unemployment in the area is still high in comparison to the rest of Manchester. These socioeconomic disadvantages put the successfulness of the Hulme City Challenge Partnership into question, however it provides a good...

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