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Working Of Indian Democracy Essay

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More than six decades have passed since India has adopted the democratic form of government. The reason for the adoption was the familiarity of the Indian people with the democracy. The working of Indian democracy is stick to the words of Abraham Lincon about democracy i.e. the government is by the people, of the people and for the people.

Elections are the essence of every democratic country. On the basis of number of voters, India is known as the largest democracy of the world. In India elections are held from time to time so that the voters may choose and change their representatives. Voters vote in a free and frank manner so as to ...view middle of the document...

Also the right to constitutional remedies is given under article 32 of Indian constitution, which provides remedies to the people when their any fundamental right is violated.

Indian constitution permits opposition to criticize the working of the government both positively as well as negatively. Opposition plays very important role by opposing the bad tendencies of the ruling party, by criticizing the drawbacks of administration and expose them before the public. Interests and pressure groups play very significant role in formation of public opinion.

Though there are many benefits and advantages of democracy in India because of performance of welfare functions but also it has many loopholes, which has made the pillars of our system very weak. As India we know the largest democracy in the world but that democracy is limited only up to papers. In practical what we find is the rule by men of money and muscle. Fighting between the workers during the elections is often heard in the news. After the elections MLA’s and MP’s are horse traded to form the ministries.

The emergence of modern competitive state system and large population hinders the equality, freedom and justice of an individual. Even the representative method has become the victim of over population. There may be complete freedom of press in India but the press is owned by big businessmen, who use it for moulding public opinion to serve their own interests. Also the freedom of speech and expression becomes impossible due to illiteracy, wide spread superstitions and poverty.

Due to adoption of separation of powers, conflicts between political groups arises, which are harmful to the peace and security in the country. Indian democracy is working successfully for the last 6 decades but is also facing several challenges. Riots in our country are common. We can never forget the riots of 1984 and the riots of Gujarat, in which thousands of innocent people were killed. Bal Thacrey’s example of regional discrimination is before us, in which he is talking about banning of north Indians to work in Maharashtra.

We have been unable to evolve a two-party system, which is ideal for working of parliamentary democracy. It is because of this failure that in the past years, no party has been able to get an...

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