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Working On Mba Essay

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Assignment 3: Final Project: Part II: Communication, Risk, and Human Resources
Foundations of Project Management
October 26, 2013

Communications Plan
The current stakeholders are DOG-HR/SS and all bureaus within the state department whom they serve. Another stakeholder would be the government. The government is the main stakeholder and the final arbiter of what any federal bureau does. The government determines who benefits from all actions and is usually the major factor in determining capital flows. (Spencer, 2005) Government’s relationship with DOG-HR/SS and all bureaus within the state department whom they serve is critical to successful policy-making and delivery. Overall ...view middle of the document...

No management support would be the next sever risk, with inexperienced team members being the third.
The unavailability of subject matter experts is a main issue within the project because DOG-HR/SS is a newly developed bureau that has never tried to implement a quality management system. There are also no current human resource bureaus that have a certification in a quality management system. The best risk mitigation plan to managing this risk is to hire two contractors that are subject matter experts in the implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management system.
The best risk mitigation plan to managing the lack of support from management is to communicate effectively to management how this implementation will benefit the bureau and all other bureaus within the state department whom they serve. In general, how implementation projects are communicated will influence the impact on how much resistance will occur. (Heathfield, 2013) The best way DOG-HR/SS can deal with inexperience teams is to have a consensus leadership style. The will be the best way to handle inexperience teams because they will be merely following the directions of the project manager.
The best risk mitigation strategy for the unavailability of subject matter experts would be to hire two contractors that are subject matter experts in the implementation of the ISO 9001 quality management system. Being that there are currently no human resource bureaus that have the certification DOG-HR/SS is seeking, finding appropriate subject matter experts is a major risk. Other risk would be finding contractors that have the time to take on the project and are within budget restraints. The team members responsible for responding to the risk are the project manager and project sponsor.
Organization and Human Resource Plan
The senior management (quality area owners) at DOG-HR/SS has aligned the organizational quality structure and its supporting team to deploy and maintain the Quality Management System. This team alignment consist consists of five different levels of supporting groups of employees. They are quality area owners, quality management representative, quality segment owners, quality representatives, and all other employees. Each group plays an important role in supporting the QMS and the continuous improvement process.
Quality area owners are developed before the...

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