Workplace Communication Essay

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Workplace Communication Can Be the Success or Detriment of a Business

By Theroda S. Gaillard-Britt

Workplace communication is an essential part of any business. The lack of communication can be the largest failure of any business. Many organizations have an idea of what they want for their business, but are unable to carry through because of a lack of proper communication.
You may ask, what is workplace communication? Workplace communication is the process of exchanging information, both verbal and non-verbal within an organization. An organization may consist of diverse people from different societies. In order to bring unity amongst employee communication is crucial.
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Effective communication in the workplace helps to develop highly efficient and successful teams. Employees trust each other more and there is no need for competiveness. There is more harmony, productivity and integrity within the teams. Everyone knows their roles within the group and they feel valued.
Thirdly, communication within a company creates awesome team morale. Managers are able to correct employee’s mistakes without there being hostility. Because of the open communication with subordinates managers can foster positive relationships that benefits the entire company. When employees are happy with their jobs they are more productive and their attitudes are positive.
Foundations for effective communication would be sending messages and how they are communicated. Context would be how the message is delivered this is very important. Receivers of the message must listen carefully and not read too much into communication. Delivery of the message in what form is this being delivered and is it the most effective.
Lack of communication or improper communication can be the detriment of a company. Poor communications among employees in specific departments can cause production issues and blame among co-workers. This type of miscommunication can cause delays, missteps and wasted time.
When supervisors and subordinates don’t have good communication then mistakes can happen and the blame game starts again. This causes conflict between the manager who expects quality work and the employee who is disappointed in poor performance evaluations.
Employees from different departments need to communicate as well and when this fails to happen many horrible things can happen.

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