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Workplace Motivation Essay

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Workplace Motivation
Lester Cash
University of Phoenix
Human Motivation
PSY 320
Joan Phillips, PhD
July 24, 2007
Continuous Quality Improvement, Shared Governance, leaders leading by example and pay for performance are just a few of the many programs implemented at St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, Ok. in an effort to motivate employees to perform to exceptional standards. This paper describes just a small portion of how these programs attempt to motivate the employees based on different motivational theories.
Workplace Motivation
I work for St. Anthony Hospital in Oklahoma City, Ok. St. Anthony is one hospital in a ...view middle of the document...

Shared Governance has a simple foundation to build from and the theory is that when people are give the opportunity to decide the best way to perform their own job they are more accepting of the changes resulting in better buy in to the change. People also tend to feel valued and respected when their opinion is asked for about their job. St. Anthony implemented Shared Governance by deciding to have every department create what is now called a department based council or DBC. The DBC members are approximately 5-10% of the department’s total staff and are a representative from every job description and every shift on the DBC. The DBC teams meet once a month for 8 hours a day and each DBC decides what day it will meet and what hours. Since the implementation of Shared Governance at St. Anthony Hospital employee opinion satisfaction survey results have been on a steady increase with 2007 being the best year every with a mean score of 75.2 or a ranking in the 90th percentile when compared to all hospitals in the United States of the same size. (SSMHC, 2007)
In the previous paragraph I mentioned the employee opinion satisfaction survey and this is one of the keys to the motivational strategies at St. Anthony. An organization can implement CQI or Shared Governance however, if the organization doesn’t take the time and effort to ask all employees their opinion as to the overall effectiveness of the DBC’s and the organization, motivational influence will decrease. St. Anthony decided to use the Press Ganey survey as it is a nationally accepted survey and it also allows the organization to be compared nationally to other organizations of the same size. The opinions expressed on the survey results give the organization a top 10 list of things that a majority of the staff says need to be improved. St. Anthony takes the top 10 lists to heart and concentrated on the top 3 for the upcoming year. The results are that the three areas of improvement concentrated on by the organization are generally in the top 10 of best areas on the following survey.
The next idea introduced to staff in an attempt to increase motivation and productivity is “Meetings with the President.” Joe Hodges wanted all hospital employees to know that he was always open to any ideas and concerns that the staff had. Mr. Hodges also wanted to be able to tell staff personally what the finances of the organization are month to month and to be open and honest whether things are going well or poorly. Mr. Hodges also wanted to be a visible leader for the organization. Many organizations today have a President or CEO that the staff could not recognize if they were to come face to face with that leader. Mr. Hodges on a daily basis walks to the different departments, nursing units and all other areas of the hospital to visit with staff, patients and families. Staff is able to see this interaction and in seeing Mr. Hodges leading by example they are motivated to do the same.

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