Workplace Research Essay

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My Strengths

What I’ve learned about personality traits is that there are so many distinct types and each person can identify with man different types of individual personality traits. I feel that we all After take the Strength Finder 2.0 Assessment my top five strengths scored as: 1) Harmony, 2) Restorative, 3) Empathy, 4) Consistency and 5) Intellection. The assessment served as a guide for evaluating my natural talents and passions and assessing them into five top strengths. My top five themes report is indicated around the strength insight descriptions I was most drawn too. Below is a review of my top five strengths.
The strength of my harmony personality trait develops from what I can see and how I respond to what I see. I am able to see how people can come together when they are in conflict. People who are in conflict tend to be absent-minded on how to come to a resolution to their conflicts because difference in opinions can be hard ...view middle of the document...

The strength of my restorative trait can be found in the way I can think and fix things. This is the key to all of my problem solving. My ability to fix goes beyond patching things together. The way I restore things involves bringing them back to life. For that reason, I can have a restorative effect on relationships and the potential for entire organizations. The strength of my restorative personality trait is that I am very good at figuring out what is not working, resolving the issue, and then guiding people to a way of being healthy and highly functional.
The strength of my empathy trait comes from my talent to form deep, high quality, personal relationships with others. I tend to have an unusual ability to understand what it feels like to be in another person’s shoes. I often feel what someone else feels without them even having to say a word. As a result, I am able to form close, intimate relationships with people. The strength of my empathy has had profound effects on others because they are able to feel understood. While it can be hard for me to hear the suffering of others, they are able to feel relieve because I can understand them.
The strength of my consistency trait involves both the way I think and process information and the way I see what is fair and equitable. When others often take a long time to determine what is fair and equitable, to me it is very obvious. I am able to quickly determine what should be done so that problems are solved in ways that treat everyone in a just and equal manner. Another strength of my consistency trait is that I can sort through information easily and come to an equitable decision so quickly that I may not see anything special about what I do because I do it with such ease.
The strength of my intellection trait stems from the quality of my thinking. I think about ideas, concepts, and principles in great depth. It is as if I hold discussions in my head about ideas, concepts, and observations. Out of this deep processing, I often come to new insights and understandings. The greatest aspect of the strength of my intellection trait is the wisdom that I gain from my in-depth thinking and internal discussions. I can think by myself for hours, but never doubt the results.

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