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World Bed Essay

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World Bed
Community organizations do much more to the community than people can see first hand. Many of these programs have the goal to create fun for the people or help with expanding one’s knowledge. These organizations are important to the community because they bond the people living within that community, it helps shaping the people and inflicting values of more value in some ...view middle of the document...

When these organizations have a big part in the community, some decisions down the line can impact the entire the community that in some cases can be a negative thing.
The company that I am currently employed by was approached by an up and coming company that’s goal was to give back, the vision was to promote that comfort should not be expensive. After several meetings we decided we would start a 2 for 1 deal, when someone purchased a bed another bed would be donated to several different orphanages. The organizations that benefit from this are incredible and feedback is amazing. This organization is now giving people comfort, something that is sometimes taken for granted by those that have it. The movement was influenced by the lack of beds that were in the housing of some of the organizations that were just trying to help people get back on their feet. People feed off of the vibe, they have shown that there moral or more than just thinking for themselves and have attempted to help the outside world

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