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World Religions Essay

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Capstone Week 9
In what ways has learning about world religions influenced the way you think about religion?
As I have studied the different religions and the beliefs of those religions. I have come to understand other religions and their dogma in a way; I was never able to before. I was forced to look at other religion, without letting my own beliefs hamper me. I let myself be curious about the why, when, where other religions developed. This class has taught me the beginnings of the major religions of the ...view middle of the document...

Why is it important to learn about other peoples' beliefs and attitudes?
It is very important for me to learn other’s beliefs and religions. This helps you to understand why you see a woman wearing a heading covering or a man a yamakl. This teaches you not to make snap judgments about other religions when a few people do bad things in the name of that religion. When you have an understanding of other religion’s it is easier to see the person not the religion. This has helped me to understand that not all Muslims hate American’s or that Hindu women are odd because of the dot on their forehead. When we understand another belief this may lead to peace.
How will you utilize this information in the future?
This class has been very informative. It has given me the base knowledge that I will need in my future to job, . It is very important to have a working knowledge of different faiths in this profession. I am thankful for what this class has taught me about other’s beliefs so that I am always respectful of how they belief and what they belief in the afterlife, if they belief in an afterlife.. I desire to be respectful having the knowledge this class gave me will prove invaluable in my future profession.

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