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Shattering the stained glass window
Have you ever stubbornly resisted someone else’s opinion only to discover that even though it was different from your own, you could see how it made sense? Thought you would hate summer camp and making friends with complete strangers but found life long friends? Judged someone without knowing them and ended up loving them? Experiencing any of these situations can be incredibly hard because we innately stand strong to our thoughts and opinions. Despite the difficulties, it is enormously liberating to have a long-held idea or cherished notion suddenly shattered for us, forcing us to think in new ways.
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The narrator is stuck in everything in his life. He has a job that he doesn’t like, an inability to fix his marriage, and an addiction to substances to cope with his clearly depressive life. When Robert asks the narrator to draw the cathedral he was describing from the TV program, the narrator’s life changes. Robert tells him to draw with his eyes closed and as he details the gargoyles and stained glass windows in complete darkness, he learns how to let go and for the first time in possibly ever feels like he isn’t stuck inside anything. This blind man demolished what the narrator thought blind people would be like. By looking through Robert’s eyes, the narrator’s world opened up.
When I was 17 my aunt made my cousin and me go to Tools 4 Life camp in Bryn Athyn, PA. Having never been there and only hearing stories about the town revolving around the church and how our whole family is from there, of course my first assumption was that I was about to go to a church camp where...

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