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Writing Skills Positive And Negatives Essay

764 words - 4 pages

Cory Joyce
Mrs. Lapp, English 12
Preliminary Writing Assignment
31 August 2012

My writing skills have many positives and negatives, the positives would be I am good at research; I am also good at proofreading, revising, and editing. Even though my writing has some good quality to it, it also has some very bad areas that need major improvement in, such as hand writing, my hand writing has been bad ever sense I have been in school and it never seems to get better. Some other negative things about my writing skills are my introductions and conclusions, as well as my paragraphs with unity and coherence. My writing goals while being in English 12 this year is to become a better writer in ...view middle of the document...

Ways that I could improve my introductions and conclusions would be to include more details when I am summarizing the essay and to also be clearer with what I am summarizing. To improve on introductions I will need to introduce the topic for clearly and to not be vague at all with details to give the reader a visual on what the written piece is about. The last negative that I need to improve on is my paragraphs with unity and coherence. My paragraphs need to connect better with the rest of the paper and not stray off from the topic into something completely different. Ways that I could improve my paragraphs is to use bits and pieces from other paragraphs to tell the reader that this paragraph connects with the rest of the paper.

My goals for English 12 are to be able to have a perfect paper that means absolute perfect grammar, all of the paragraphs are in perfect unison with the rest of the paper, the reader always knows what the topic is and how a specific part of the paper...

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