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You Decide Essay

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Medical Determination Committee
From: Cory Rowland lead surgeon
All vested parties
Donor Heart Transplant Recipient Determination Memorandum

Decision summary:

It’s in my professional determination as lead surgeon that the current heart tissue donor of the heart received May 12, 2015 is the candidate who represents the most urgent need and best match. This recipients Lisa. Lisa represents the most urgent need, due to the most critical condition of her current situation. She has reached a state where her survival rate ...view middle of the document...

Her prognosis will improve drastically in all her other areas hopefully of pathology and her long term life expectancy in her 20’s which may improve given the benefits of a new heart. It was a difficult moral and ethical decision to by pass the two other available recipients, but as their life expectancy is approximately equal to Lisa’s at the current time, her urgent need and lack of stability is the key determining factor. This decision is in no way related to the position or any offer of her father’s affiliation with the hospital. It is contraindicated to suggest any decision to give Lisa a heart transplant can be determined by gifting any department of any medical facility. Any decisions made by her father to gift any department must remain outside the scope of this determination.
This determination is based on the quality of life of each potential recipient and the best tissue match and potential to extend survival rates. It is my determination that each candidate has a similar expectancy, but the need for Lisa is more urgent than the other two.

Thank you to all vest parties

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