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Young Female Motivations For Purchase Of Organic Food In Malaysia

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Nowadays, the demand for organic food is dramatically growing in Malaysia, but, there are a few factors that may influence the consumer intention to buy organic food.
We are search for the related topic and we finally interested to review the study on organic food acceptance, titled Young Female Motivations for Purchase of Organic Food in Malaysia, that been conducted by Jane See Siou Zhen and Shaheen Mansori. The research was published on 2012. Their research work revolves around the consumer behaviour and attitude towards organic food in Malaysia. The broad aim of this research is to review critically the study of organic food purchase in Malaysia.
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This chapter details all the relevant study completed so far with relevance to consumer behaviour and organic food. The question posed in this research was derived by analyzing theories and patterns from previous research work which helps us to comprehend the topic better. According to this study, the author use two differ theory, which is diffusion of innovations theory and theory of planned behavior.

4.1. Diffusion of innovations Theory
The authors opinion regarding to this theory process is, a very significant tool in the marketing communication field due to it can examine on minor level that who are the possible target audience or examine on major level that the company who are considering technology and economic development.

Another sources that defined the innovation as any idea, object or practice that considered as novel by any groups of society (Roger, 1995; Mansori, 2010, Nezakati, Ali, Mansori, Ang, 2011). According to Schumpeter (1939); Tidd, Bessant and Pavitt (1997) as in Nezakati, et al., (2011) mentioned that innovation marketing idea where is a process of creation of new ideas into products.

Somehow of rather, the gaps was found by the author was examined which is, diffusion of innovations theory have four fundamental theoretical elements of diffusion of innovation theory which assist marketers to analyse product information, characteristics of innovation and categories of adopters in order to classify potential consumers to adopting the novel product or organic food.

4.2. Theory of Planned Behaviour

In complete the study, the author also use Theory of Planned Behavior in order to enhance the understanding of the study. Personality trait and social attitude are referring to concepts of behavioral dispositions and played an important role to explain and foresee human behavior (Ajzen, 1988; Campbell, 1963; Sherman & Fazio, 1983 as in Ajzen, 1991).
According to Ajzen (1991) interpret Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) is a theoretical model using measure of behavioural disposition and foresee behaviour in a brief examination of past efforts. It is important area in cognitive self-regulation.

Furthermore, Ajzen also define that Theory Planned Behavior is used to examine human behavior where lead by three aspects; first aspect is behavioral belief define as beliefs towards expected consequences of behavior, second aspect is normative belief where define as belief towards normative expectations of others, and last aspect is control belief which is belief towards the existence of issues that can enable performance of behavior TPB is a theory use to evaluate and foresee consumer actual behavior and consumer intention. The definition of individual’s intention is to capture the motivational factors that affect behavior and how tough individual ready to try so as to perform the particular behavior.
Hence, above are two theory that been used by the author in order to complete...

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