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Writing is difficult to me. I have trouble writing about anything. The main reason is because I do not concentrate enough. No matter how much I try to concentrate, my mind seems to get distracted. Once upon a time, while I'm writing this small paragraph, my mind keeps on thinking about others topics. I don’t know if this happens to others, but this is a problem that I have trouble in. This could be why do not like to write.
The best time and place for me to write anything would be during late at night when everything is quiet around me. I'm usually in my bedroom sitting right where my computer is when I am writing. I hate writing anything with a pen and a paper. If the essay, report, or ...view middle of the document...

When I am writing about things that had happened in my life,

I could recall all the little details and events that took place. I tend to exaggerate quite a bit, but not because I want to make it a fiction. Last time I wrote about an event, I wrote about my first date with my boyfriend. I could picture and recall every second of that night just as if it took place last night. It feels like as if it was yesterday that we just met. It is definitely the best time of my life. My imagination helps me remember the events that took place in the past.
It is an embarrassment to me to let others read my writing. I am not confident enough of my work. I don't consider my writing is “good writing.” When I compare my essay to another person's essay, it seems as if I have written an essay in a lower level and the paper of the other person is a paper of a college level student. I definitely do not enjoy about others getting to know me through the paper I have written, especially when it is a story about my life. I always back out when I am offered to read my papers out loud to the class. I'm not a very open person or a very confident person when it comes to writing .
Thinking way back when you were in elementary school, middle school, high school, and currently in college. Throughout the years, everyone learned a great deal about writing. Look back at your old papers; it may give you a laugh. It doesn't seem that you had written them. I know for sure that I will look back at the papers that I will write during this quarter and laugh about every single mistakes I had made. I believe that this will forever goes on in my life.

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