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One of our beginning Youth Pastor, whose name is Mark, over heard me talking to one of our youth’s parents. The parents stated that they feared the college in which their oldest daughter was attending, was turning her against God. However, her daughter assured them that God is still important to her, but she still believed in some different things from in which her parents believe. Overall, after hearing the conversation, the beginning Youth Pastor had asked me, “What is the reality about today’s youth culture & their view of Christianity & truth?” My first quote to him was from chapter 1 of McDowell textbook, “Much of what they believe about Christianity, truth, reality, and the church comes from a distorted view they ...view middle of the document...

We need to catch the messages encrypted in their culture and understand what’s really being communicated. Each generation on youth has a culture of its own. To an outsider, it can be puzzling at best and frightening at worst, but we cannot roll over and go back to sleep, and we cannot run for our lives. We’ll learn what makes them tick, and how to bring the Gospel message to their generation, second quote chapter 1 McDowell textbook. Today one of the greatest obstacles we face in our ministry to youth is their distorted view of truth. In fact, Paul warned of this in his second letter to the church in Thessalonica when he said that people parish for not loving truth, (2 Thessalonica 2:8-10) quote chapter 2 of McDowell textbook. Unless we rebuild the foundations of truth among our youth, they will be “tossed and carried about” by all kinds of deceptive philosophies (Ephesians 4:12; 2 Corinthians 10:5). However, young people who have distorted views of God and truth are twice as likely to feel pessimistic than those who process a biblical word view. Although, relationships and experiences shapes our kids behaviors, so do their views of God and truth, quote chapter 2 of McDowell text book. The reality that I see everyday when ministry to youth is that kids think religious claims can be true for you, but not for me, because they deal with personal preferences, not objective reality. And, for most religions, this divided truth realm poses no problems. But for Christianity, this cannot do, quote chapter 3 of McDowell text book, and I hope I can help my youths to see this. You see what makes Christianity unique is that it is based on the life, character, and identity religions of Jesus Christ.

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